Property Extensions in Brighton, Shoreham and Sussex | Located in the Worthing Area

The construction of property extensions in Sussex usually involves two essential elements. A client with a vision, and the right team of architects, builders and brickwork contractors, can transform an idea into reality through a combination of the architect’s design work and our own use of modern technology. The philosophy at Beku Development is to improve, not move. If space is tight and relocation seems like the only option, we can work with your designers to build and manage the changes to your property in just a matter of weeks.

Located in Worthing, Beku Development is a property extension specialist for the surrounding Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham and Sussex areas.

Instead of moving, consider expanding outwards. If your home no longer suits your needs, sacrificing part of the garden to extend it could be an option. It is easier than ever now to create a beautiful kitchen extension, a home gym, a cosy relaxation room, or an open-plan dining area for family gatherings and for parties. Pair this with renovating the rest of your home, and you could soon be enjoying a completely new living space without having to relocate.

If you have aspirations for a property extension but still feel unsure of who your builders might be, our testimonials could make deciding easier.

The Property Extension Process

When we become involved in a property extension project, we see everyone involved as part of the same team and this includes the customer. Having an extension built is still a complicated and expensive process, even if it doesn’t reach the dizzying heights of what a relocation would cost. For this reason alone, you will always be a part of the creative process. We like to involve you in the important decisions because our workspace is still your home.

Your property extension might not need planning permission if it stays within local authority parameters, and your architect will advise you if this is the case. If an extension shares a wall with a neighbouring property, you may need to arrange a party wall agreement. The customer has responsibility for the final submission of all forms and information.

A senior member of our team will be assigned to manage your project and will be your principal point of contact

Keep in mind that while loft conversions and garage conversions come in at lower prices, neither increase the size of your home’s physical footprint.

We build property extensions in the following styles:

  • Single-Storey
  • Double-Storey
  • Rear Facing
  • Side-Return
  • Wraparound
  • Over-Structure

With a long history of successfully completed projects behind us, you can trust us to extend any home in Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham or Worthing.

End-to-End Services at a Competitive Price

While some extension builders only construct, others leverage their extensive experience to create stunning room additions of impeccable quality. Our in-depth knowledge of property markets, working to planning regulations and overcoming challenges will bring about a solution that factors in the materials required, all technological advancements and any popular trends. We guide you through every step of your project with care and consideration.

Side-return property extensions are more affordable than single-storey builds, which in turn are lower in cost than wraparounds or extensions built over two storeys. Beyond these points, the cost of an extension will be influenced by your preferences, a property's characteristics, local planning regulations and the ability of our builders and brickwork contractors to create a dream home.

What you can be certain of is our full commitment to managing your budget prudently, and to keeping the project within the agreed timescale.

From ordering the materials to finalising our working hours around our project management plan, we always seek opportunities to add value and cut costs. Our determination to achieve more with less means that completed property extensions look stunning and leave our clients highly satisfied with our work.

If you would like an extension built in Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham, Worthing or any location in Sussex, we would love to hear from you.

Call 07859 769948 or 07475 030575 to discuss property extensions. Based in Worthing, we cover Brighton, Shoreham and Sussex.