Home Renovation and Property Refurbishment in Shoreham | Embrace the Change!

Do you own a home in the seaside town of Shoreham and hope to elevate your living space? Whether you are looking to refurbish, renovate, extend or convert, our general builders and brickwork contractors can transform interior and exterior space to make your dreams a reality. The Shoreham area has a charm we can preserve with property refurbishment and home renovation services built around your own aspirations.

Innovative additions, like property extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions, can be factored into refurbishment and renovation work.

We are more than just builders. Beku Development is a trusted partner on all domestic and commercial projects in the Shoreham and Sussex areas. Call us today to arrange a site survey, consultation and obligation-free quotation.

Property Refurbishments vs Home Renovations

Property refurbishments and home renovations might seem synonymous, but they require different approaches. Property refurbishments primarily focus on improving the aesthetics and functionality of existing structures. This might include repainting, refinishing floors, upgrading fixtures and enhancing kerb appeal. In contrast, home renovations delve deeper and alter the structure and layout, reconfigure room space, and enhance efficiency and comfort.

By combining the skills of our builders and brickwork contractors, a project in Shoreham will always meet and exceed your expectations of us.

Covering the Basics | Property Refurbishments

Shoreham homeowners seeking a fresh look for their living spaces often opt for property refurbishments. The gentle stroke of a paint brush, the updating of fixtures and carefully chosen décor can breathe new life into your home. A skilled team of builders and brickwork contractors can restore tired, jaded properties to their former glories and enhance their appeal.

Beku offers a refurbishment service in Shoreham that stays true to the town's character.

Complete Property Restoration | Home Renovations

When substantial change is needed, home renovations come into play. If you can imagine your Shoreham home with an open-plan interior layout or a series of energy-efficient features which will reduce your carbon footprint, we can bring your vision to life. Renovations often involve structural alterations, and these allow you to tailor space to fit in with your ever-changing needs.

Our builders have the expertise needed to handle large projects. Ask us to factor a property extension into a job if you want to increase the footprint of a home. Loft conversions and garage conversions are also options.

Property Extensions

As Shoreham’s real estate market continues to captivate buyers, a property extension has become the addition of choice for existing homeowners when they book in for home renovation work. Instead of relocating, a homeowner can invest into expanding their living space. With a property extension, you can accommodate a growing family, have the kitchen that you have always dreamed of, establish a home office, or create an entertainment area.

Our builders and brickwork contractors construct extensions which seamlessly integrate new space with the current architecture for harmony.

Loft Conversions

The allure of Shoreham extends to quaint rooftops, and this inspires many to explore loft conversions during a property refurbishment. Converting unused attic space into a functional area, such as a bedroom, office or studio, can maximise your property's potential. By collaborating with skilled builders like those at Beku Development, homeowners can add value and versatility to their properties. We can build in all common conversion styles.

Loft conversions are often included in refurbishments. Unlike an extension, a conversion makes use of room space that already exists. This means there is no major construction work involved except for adaptation of the roof.

Garage Conversions

In a town where our customers and clients value aesthetics and practicality, garage conversions offer an ingenious solution. An underused garage can be transformed into an extension of your living space, serving as anything from a guest suite to a home gym. Our builders can reconfigure the layouts of garages in Shoreham, ensuring the new space seamlessly integrates into the existing structure. We can convert and extend single and double garages.

A garage conversion can be part of a property refurbishment project, but a select few homeowners opt to have work done during a home renovation.

Creating the Perfect Home

In the captivating backdrop of Shoreham, property refurbishments and home renovations intertwine to create perfect homes. By embracing the expertise of our builders and brickwork contractors, local homeowners can enhance their living spaces without leaving behind the town's rich character. Property refurbishments and home renovations do much to preserve the charm of this desirable seaside town and keep the market in high demand.

With the added option to have property extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions undertaken too, residents can improve, not move.

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