New Home Builder in Worthing | The Roles of Builders and Brickwork Contractors

In the key service area of Worthing, where traditional charm meets modern living, the roles of various construction professionals play a pivotal part in shaping the landscape. From new builds and property extensions to home renovations and property refurbishments, the collaboration between general builders and brickwork contractors forms the foundation of a successful construction project. There is a level of talent in our team that has helped us to earn a well-deserved reputation for quality of workmanship.

To support work on new builds, room additions and maintenance projects, Beku Development has Worthing covered as a specialist in loft conversions and garage conversions. Like extensions, conversions afford extra living space for growing families so that they can choose to improve, not move.

This page looks at the credentials of our highly talented tradespeople, who can support main contractors, developers and new home builders.

General Builders

General builders are the “Swiss Army Knives” of the construction sector. They possess a diverse skillset that allows them to tackle a wide range of projects. From preparing ground to installing fittings and fixtures, general builders are the ideal choice for all-round construction needs. In the context of Worthing, builders are often engaged in property extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions, but can also offer maintenance and repair services.

When it comes to property extensions, general builders can lay the footings and foundations, build the shell and merge in with the style of the existing structure seamlessly. With loft conversions, a builder is responsible for transforming an underused space into a habitable room, ensuring insulation and ventilation are in place. Like garage conversions, homeowners can use converted loft spaces as guest rooms, home offices, man caves and more.

Our versatility ensures that a project's unique requirements are met, reflecting the charm and character of Worthing's architecture. We are just as prudent when undertaking home renovation and property refurbishment work.

New Home Builders

New home builders, as the name suggests, specialise in the construction of new living space from the ground up. We sometimes think of ourselves as the purveyors of dreams, creating desirable habitats in Worthing so that those looking to get on the property ladder can start new beginnings. New home builders take centre stage when creating residential properties.

Beku Development can assist main contractors and developers with new build or commercial development projects, especially with brickwork.

New home builders have a wider range of skills and the full support of trades like carpenters, joiners, electricians, plumbers and gas engineers. This means that anybody looking to start a home renovation or property refurbishment has a team at their disposal with tradespeople they can genuinely trust.

Our expertise ensures that Worthing's rich history is preserved but we can still infuse modern additions. By combining traditional aesthetics with comfort and functionality, new home builders contribute to the evolving architectural tapestry in one of the most popular and sought-after areas of Sussex. We are at their side to assist in any way that they want us to.

Brickwork Contractors

Brickwork contractors are the unsung heroes of construction, shaping the very essence of a building's identity through intricate masonry work. In Worthing, where brick facades are a common sight, these contractors weave stories into walls, almost making them timeless pieces of art. Property extensions often require brickwork contractors to extend existing brickwork, ensuring a harmonious blend between the old and new sections of the build.

Loft conversions call for their skills to create sturdy load-bearing walls and fire-resistant structures. With garage conversions, they transform brick-built spaces into habitable zones. Through their craftsmanship, brickwork contractors lay the foundations for Worthing's ongoing architectural heritage.

In essence, the roles of general builders, new home builders and brickwork contractors are interwoven to cater to the unique construction needs of the customer. Home renovations and property refurbishments become successful endeavours when experts collaborate. Their synergy brings the visions of homeowners to life, enhances the town's charm and ensures that every structure stands as a testament to Worthing's rich history and promising future.

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