Loft Conversions and Property Extensions in Hove | Added Space and Market Resale Value

Are you looking to create more space inside your Hove home? With the help of experienced builders and skilled brickwork contractors, you can explore your options, maximise your living space and potentially increase the market resale value of a property. Beku Development has a reliable team. Much of our work is centred around property refurbishments and home renovations, although we can construct properties as part of a self-build project or for main contractors and developers.

Here, we look deeper into the world of property extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions to determine which option will add more space to your home, and which will add the most in terms of market resale value.

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Builders and Brickwork Contractors | An Important Choice

When it comes to transforming your home, builders and brickwork contractors play an important role. Their expertise in structural work, foundations and the construction of walls is especially important if a chosen home improvement project is going to focus on a property extension. Even loft conversions and garage conversions require brickwork, although not to the same extent as an extension. The skills of our builders and bricklayers bring all visions to life.

Hove has many general builders in the area, and just as many home renovation and property refurbishment specialists. You only get one chance to choose a good contractor so make your decision count.

Property Extensions | Expansion in a Choice of Styles

Property extensions are an excellent way to add more room to your home. By extending the existing structure, you can create larger living areas, additional bedrooms or even a brand-new space like a home office or gym. Residents in Hove often opt for property extensions when they need an increase in living space, especially when they don’t have attics or garages to convert.

Based on how much garden space you can afford to sacrifice, a property extension can add as much room to a home as you physically need.

Loft Conversions | Elevated Living Space

If your Hove property has attic space that's currently underused, then a loft conversion could be the right move for you and your family. Converting your loft into a functional living space can provide a home with extra bedrooms, a home office, or a dedicated entertainment area. Conversions make more of your existing space, so you won’t need to increase the footprint of a home.

Builders, brickwork contractors, roofers, joiners and installers collaborate on a loft conversion to meet set safety standards and attain structural integrity.

Garage Conversions | Creative Transformations

For homeowners with a garage that isn’t fully utilised, a garage conversion offers a creative way to add more space. This conversion type can transform your underused garage into a living area, a guest suite or a playroom. The amount of extra space gained is usually based on whether you own a single or a double garage, and on any plans that you might have to extend further. You may need approval from Hove’s local authority for bigger conversions.

A garage conversion is one of the easiest ways to gain space without altering the external appearance of a property. Our builders work alongside our brickwork contractors to ensure seamless results.

Added Benefits | Market Resale Values

When contemplating which type of build will have the most impact on your property's market resale value, it's important to consider factors like the size of the addition or conversion, quality of construction, and current real estate market trends in Hove. Property extensions tend to add the most value, followed closely by loft conversions. These options prove most popular with those who desperately need added room space without having to relocate.

Garage conversions also contribute positively to resale values but may have a slightly lower impact compared to the aforementioned options.

Home Renovations and Property Refurbishments

Beyond these three options, home renovations and property refurbishments are also worth exploring. Updating your existing living space, modernising kitchens and bathrooms, and enhancing a home’s aesthetics significantly improves its appeal. These services, often involving enhancements from our general builders and brickwork contractors, breathe new life into properties in Hove and can make them much more attractive to a potential buyer.

If you are thinking about a property extension, a loft conversion or a garage conversion for your home, remember each option has its own advantages.

Property extensions from our builders offer spacious expansion using garden space, while loft conversions make use of existing space and garage conversions do the same. These builds, when undertaken by a skilled workforce, can potentially increase market resale values too.

And remember a well-executed home renovation or property refurbishment can also work wonders in boosting your home's appeal and value.

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