Property Refurbishment in Brighton, Rustington and Sussex | Located in the Worthing Area

If you want to improve a property or need to use our builders for some basic maintenance and repair work, call the team at Beku Development today. We can help you to refurbish homes in Sussex through a wide range of skills that focus on your property’s interior and exterior. We can make changes to kitchens, bathrooms and all other parts of the home. Our team can also work on small business property refurbishments for our valued commercial clients.

Based in Worthing, we make homes in Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham and Sussex more efficient, spacious and functional. Unlike home renovations which usually cover an entire build, property refurbishments can focus on just one wall or a single room, although full refurbishments are within our remit.

You can read the testimonials of our previous customers to see what they have said about our builders, our brickwork contractors and our services.

We offer a range of practical solutions which inspire better living in properties that have started to show signs of wear. We can plaster, render and paint, or we can retrofit original features to bring back a home’s character,

Other customers and clients might want to change things around and make them more modern. We even meet homeowners who want to refurbish their period properties, but who also wish to benefit from installations which will make running a home more efficient. Under such circumstances, we can fit new boilers and radiators, upgrade your fuse board to a new consumer unit, and integrate smart control systems to manage your heating output.

All this, and more, becomes possible when you choose Beku Development to manage your property refurbishment from concept through to completion.

Creating Practical Living Spaces

Beku Development makes your home feel bigger inside by removing load-bearing walls to create open-plan spaces and by building extensions. These are great ideas for making period homes look more up to date. Older houses often have small and dark rooms. Our builders can take out walls to create brighter spaces, or we can add more natural light by replacing the windows, and by adding French or patio doors which open out directly onto gardens.

We can also improve layouts by optimising the available space.

If you own a home in Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham, Worthing or any other location in the Sussex area, and if you want to make it bigger, we can deliver property refurbishments which can make a home feel infinitely more spacious without having to physically increase the size of its footprint.

Beku Development achieves this through loft and garage conversions.

Plastering Repairs and Decorating

Our team can repair walls, floors and ceilings, replastering or resurfacing if we need to so that we leave a smooth surface ready for painting or putting up wallpaper. We can work with a full range of plasters and, if you need as to address exterior damage as part of a property refurbishment, we can also repair exterior walls and apply protective renders or coatings. This will give your home the best possible protection against the inclement UK weather.

We also paint, decorate and wallpaper.

Beku Development listens to your own ideas and makes your home look the way you have always wanted it to. We use different colours, patterns and textures to update the inside of your home and make a bold statement.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Is your kitchen or bathroom tired, jaded and ready for a remodel? Do you not like the way the décor looks? Whatever the reasons you may have, we can assign builders and tradespeople to projects in Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham and Worthing to give you the room space needed to cook in, eat and socialise with family and friends, or to use as a haven after a hard day at work. Remodelling services include electrical, plumbing and heating work.

We can help you to choose the cabinetry, fronts, drawers, fixtures and fittings for a kitchen property refurbishment, and our work on bathrooms extends to shower rooms and wet rooms if you have elderly or mobility-impaired people living in the home. Disabled access is something we can factor into the job so that those who need added comfort can receive it with care and dignity.

Beku Development is the name people trust with their home renovation and property refurbishment needs. We repay this trust by being honest in the way we run our business and transparent in the way we treat our customers.

Call 07859 769948 or 07475 030575 to discuss property refurbishments. Based in Worthing, we cover Brighton, Rustington and Sussex.