Home Renovation in Worthing | Transforming Properties in the Brighton, Hove and Sussex Areas

Beku Development is a well-known company that works on building projects in Sussex. Collectively, our company owners and team have been in the trade for many years and have a particular talent for helping main contractors and developers restore homes in a bad state of repair, or in dilapidation, to make them better than ever before. We have worked on every type of home in Worthing, and on plenty more across the surrounding locations of Brighton, Hove, Rustington and Shoreham.

We refer to major restorations as home renovations. These differ to a refurb in terms of scale. While refurbishments can cover basic maintenance and repair work starting with a single room, renovations will often require us to work on the entire interior and exterior, and to make major structural alterations.

We can bring building, electrical, plumbing and heating systems up to code, plus we have builders and brickwork contractors working on our behalf who can restore and repoint anything made in brick or block. Because we have so much experience on our side, we can now work on any project, of any size or value, to reinforce our core company values.

If you have a home in need of renovation, then improve and don’t move.

The benefits of home renovations include:

Adding Space – A home renovation can give you added space, like an extra bedroom, a home office or a bigger kitchen. This is something a lot of people want. Home renovation work gives them an ideal chance to make changes.

Saving Money – New properties come ready to live in but cost more than old builds in disrepair. Renovating a current home is even cheaper because you don't have to pay estate agents, legal fees, stamp duty and removal costs.

Resale Values – Renovating your house can make it worth more money. It can also make it look better from the outside and more attractive to others. A home renovation increases resale value when the time to sell finally arrives.

Please contact us to discuss renovations in Worthing, our home location, and in all areas across Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham and Sussex.

The Regional Home Renovation Specialist

A home renovation begins with a third-party survey of your property and if serious dilapidation could pose a risk to you or your family, your architect or designer will prioritise the worst areas of damage to make the property safe. This is often the case when a property has subsided, or where the current structure is causing further damage to the walls, floors, ceilings, plastering and rendering. Structural repairs will always take priority over cosmetic repairs.

Our role is to assist in projects of this nature, and to work to a set specification.

A home renovation can include the replacement of older fuse boxes with new consumer units, and we can assign a qualified electrician to the job to undertake full or partial rewiring work if it has been specified. We can also optimise space inside and outside of the home, maybe by adding an extension or by converting a loft or a garage

In terms of the aesthetics, Beku Development can handle everything from the start of the project to the handover. We know a lot about how to choose the best materials so that the finished results look great and last a long time.

Why Choose Beku Development for Home Renovations?

Qualified Personnel – Our workforce has sat the appropriate courses to earn their certificates and uphold high standards of workmanship on every job.

Experience – We have years of combined experience in home renovation work and bring building, brickwork, carpentry and joinery skills to a project.

Trust – Beku Development has earned the trust of our community because we are honest with customers from the outset and will do what we say we will.

If you own a dilapidated property in Brighton, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham or Worthing, or anywhere else in Sussex, we can renovate it inside and out so that it benefits from an original appearance and has the technology in place for you to enjoy modern living without having to lose traditional character.

Call 07859 769948 or 07475 030575 to discuss home renovations. Based in Worthing, we cover Brighton, Hove and Sussex.